Industry Insights & Migrant Talent

Help to Establish Your Career in Tasmania

An initiative of the Migrant Network Tasmania

The Project

The ‘Industry Insights and Migrant Talent’ project exists to help state-sponsored skilled migrants and international students to establish careers in Tasmania. 

The project has three parts, delivered by the Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania during January – June 2021.  

The project is supported by the Tasmanian Government. 

Part 1: Webinar Series

This part includes a series of webinars focused on developing career and industry knowledge. The purpose is to help skilled migrants to compete in the Tasmanian job market.

Part 2: Information Hub

This part includes this website to revise highlights and curate stories from migrants and industry in Tasmania. The purpose is to extend your learnings.

Part 3: Follow Up Activities

This part includes industry-specific career coaching and networking events, and individual consultations. The purpose is to put learnings into practice.

Migrant Talent

Career coaching to help you compete in the Tasmanian job market  

Broaden the opportunities that you can apply for by understanding how to use your transferrable skills.

Your resume has a job to do, and less than a minute to do it. Learn how to make it work for you.

Your cover letter is a chance to state your value proposition and explain anything raised in your resume.

Where to find jobs varies between industries, however all job seekers need to use both proactive and reactive approaches. 

Determine what is expected and how to draw on your experiences to provide evidence in your response.

Make the most of every part of an interview to demonstrate the value your bring to the business from day one. 

Why does hiring you make business sense? Now’s your chance to state your claim and to back it up with examples. 

Change is a constant in our careers. Being in the drivers seat means scanning the road ahead and being ready to respond.

The Network

The purpose of the Migrant Network Tasmania is to help migrants reach their potential in Tasmania. 

The network is hosted by the Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania and is guided by the reference group.

The network relies on contributions of migrants and the goodwill of network members.

Part 1: Meet Ups

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Migrant Network Tasmania Meet Ups each month are online and face-to-face. The purpose is to grow personally and professionally from each other and guests. You can hear about the next Meet Up via the Linked In group, Email list or by visiting the event calendar.

Part 2: Stories and Tips

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This site, our E-News, our LinkedIn Group, and our Facebook Group are opportunities to exchange stories and tips. The purpose is to build a reservoir of collective knowledge created by and for network members.

Part 3: Reference Group Projects

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The Reference Group helps shape the directions and priorities of project initiatives undertaken by members of the network. The current project is about workplace culture.

Join the network for for your life and career in Tasmania

About MRC Tas

Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania (MRC Tas) is a not-for-profit organisation that has been supporting people from migrant and humanitarian backgrounds to settle successfully in Tasmania since 1979.

About Migrant network tasmania

Migrant Network Tasmania draws on the goodwill, stories and tips of migrants and the wider community to help fellow migrants to establish lives and careers in Tasmania.