Your rights at work

Fair work is for everyone

Fair and safe work is for everyone in Australia.

This is important information for all workers. It could help you, a friend or family member.

Knowing how to recognise the exploitation of migrant workers may help you, a friend or family member.

The Report of the Migrant Workers taskforce (March 2019) lists the following examples of unlawful worker exploitation:

  • wage underpayment, or ‘cash-back’ arrangements
  • pressure to work beyond the restrictions of a visa
  • up-front payment or ‘deposit’ for a job
  • failure to provide workplace entitlements such as paid leave, superannuation
  • tax avoidance through the use of cash payments to workers
  • unpaid training
  • working conditions that are unsafe
  • unfair dismissal
  • misclassification of workers as independent contractors instead of employees
  • unfair deductions from wages for accommodation, training, food or transport
  • threats to have a person’s visa cancelled by authorities
  • withholding of a visa holder’s passport
  • requiring migrant workers to use and pay for sub-standard on-site accommodation


Complete Tasmania's online Work Health and Safety induction module for a certificate. 

You can list this on your resume to demonstrate that you're proactive about safety at work.  

  • JobWatch is an employment rights legal centre helpline for Tasmanians.
  • Equal Opportunity Tasmania has formal and informal ways to report discrimination.  
  • Worksafe Tasmania has a helpline for information and advice.
  • Unions have help for members. There are industry-specific unions or unions such as Unions Tasmania made up of affiliated unions.
  • Worker Assist Tasmania is free independent legal advice for workers who have been injured on the job.

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"[Most valuable was] understanding the overall job market and how to develop overseas qualifications into Tasmania job market"
Skilled migrant, 23 February 2021

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