Stars of the Network

Contributed to the network to help others? You're a super star! Thank you.

Melissa and Darya at August Meet Up

The information in this website is made possible due to the in-kind time, information and advice from employers, recruiters, and industry collaborators and of course, our network members. 

On behalf of countless network members who have benefited from your contribution, our sincere appreciation goes to these super stars:

  • Aimen Jafri (Reference Group)
  • Andy Yu (Migrant Network Meet Up Host September & October 2021)
  • Ali Rizvi (Industry Insight Guest & Migrant Story – Engineering)
  • Anderson Ribeiro Viana (LinkedIn Contributor 2021)
  • Andrew Mellas (Industry Insight Guest – Construction)
  • Arman Onick (Guest – Migrant Story)
  • Bernadette Welsh (Migrant Network Meet Up Guest Speaker September & October 2021 – HR Expert in Government)
  • Ben Walker (Migrant Network Meet Up Guest Speaker October 2021 – HR Expert in Hospitality)
  • Cassandra Xing (Migrant Meet Up Co-host)
  • Chris Huang (LinkedIn Contributor 2021)
  • Clarissa Adriel (Migrant Network Meet Up Awards Guest September & October 2021, and Other MRC Tas Projects)
  • Clover Huang (Reference Group, Meet Up Host)
  • Daniel Castrillon (LinkedIn Contributor 2021)
  • Darya Kuznyetsova (Meet Up Host)
  • David O’Halloran (Migrant Talent Coach)
  • Farveh Farivar (Guest – UTAS and Migrant Story)
  • Gina Gunn (Meet Up Guest – Accounting)
  • Ivy Yin (Migrant Network Meet Up Guest Speaker October 2021 – HR Expert in Aged Care, and LinkedIn Contributor 2021)
  • Janine McCann (Migrant Network Meet Up Guest Speaker September 2021 – HR Expert in Transport)
  • Jordan W. (LinkedIn Contributor 2021)
  • Kazim Raza (Industry Insight Guest and Migrant Story – Engineering)
  • Laura Papiccio (Migrant Network Meet Up Guest Speaker September 2021 – HR Expert in Hospitality)
  • Liliane Tolentino Pereira (Migrant Network Meet Up Guest Speaker October 2021 – HR Expert in Community Service)
  • Leo Le (Reference Group)
  • Linda Jeffrey (Meet Up Guest – Career Ideas)
  • Letty Li (LinkedIn Contributor 2021)
  • Melissa Yip (Migrant Meet Up Co-host)
  • Michael Lau (Reference Group)
  • Martin Ma (Migrant Network Meet Up Guest Speaker October 2021 – Expert in Auditing and Accounting)
  • Mark Thompson (Meet up Guest – 177 Nations)
  • Narissa Diwan (Migrant Network Meet Up Guest Speaker September 2021 – HR Expert in Finance)
  • Nika Guo (Migrant Network Meet Up Guest Speaker October 2021 – Marketing Expert in Education)
  • Paul Gibson (Industry Insight Guest – Architecture) 
  • Penny Stringer (Meet Up Guest August – Industry Engagement (Leap) UTAS)
  • Peko M (LinkedIn Contributor 2021)
  • Pranav Malik (LinkedIn Contributor 2021)
  • Rupert French (LinkedIn Contributor 2021, Meet Up Guest August)
  • Samantha Lawrence (Meet Up Guest – Work Skills)
  • Sisi Chen (LinkedIn – contributor 2021)
  • Sharon Brewer (Industry Insight Guest – Manufacturing)
  • Shayan Shamsolsadati (Guest – Migrant Story)
  • Siddharth Gor (Skilled Migrant, Employment Services)
  • Stuart Martin (Meet Up Guest – Accounting Industry)
  • Sudip Acharya (Meet Up Host)
  • Tina Hale (LinkedIn Contributor 2021)
  • Zach U (Reference Group)

The Industry Insights and Migrant Talent project is supported by the Tasmanian Government.

The 2021 Meet Ups to activate the network are supported by the Scanlon Foundation. 

Photo: Melissa Yip (MRC Tas Intern) and Darya Kuznyetsova (Glenorchy Jobs Hub) Migrant Network Meet Up August 2021

"Thank you for the opportunity and congratulations for this beautiful project in sharing others people experience!" Skilled migrant, 19 April 2021.

About MRC Tas

Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania (MRC Tas) is a not-for-profit organisation that has been supporting people from migrant and humanitarian backgrounds to settle successfully in Tasmania since 1979.

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Migrant Network Tasmania draws on the goodwill, stories and tips of migrants and the wider community to help fellow migrants to establish lives and careers in Tasmania.