"Don't give up"


We spoke with a skilled migrant who had recently started work in agriculture. 

Tell us about your job.

It’s been one month in the graduate program. The purpose is to gain experience in hi-tech growing techniques and protective cropping strategies.

How was your job search?

I have tried a lot. Every time I found a job that matched my skills I would apply.

It wasn’t easy. I applied more than 30 jobs before I got this job. And yes, I attended the interview as well.

Keep applying, don’t give up. Prepare for the interview every time.

What things do you wish you knew?

I think the resume and cover letter I prepared at the beginning was too long. So, I deleted some irrelevant content.

How to sell yourself, like show your skills to the employer properly, and to be confident.

What obstacles did you face? 

Language is the first obstacle. I will prepare my interview, such as the possible questions, and I practice it.

When I was in the interview, make sure I understand what the question is. If I am not sure, I will double check with them. For example, speak out in my own words and check with them is it what they asked.

What advice can you share with job seekers in Tasmania? 

Be confident in what skills you have and be positive.

Do not reject any chance. Even it is a picker position.

Make sure you are in the industry because in that way you can build up a connection with people in the industry and it’s easier to show your potential employer who you are and what you can do.

Photo credit: Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

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