"Generally, people want to help you"

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We spoke with a skilled migrant working as a medical practitioner for the last 6 years.

Tell us about finding work

“Looking for medical jobs is not particularly difficult. Especially if you are looking at regional or rural places.

I moved from Canberra to Hobart, I just searched online for similar roles. I emailed the manager and sent my credentials, and that was it.

I have not done interviews in a while but the main mistake I remember is being unprepared.

I think I had enough information. I just did not prepare enough.”

What advice can you share with migrants seeking work in Tasmania? 

  • “Be open minded
  • Prepare for interviews.
  • Learn about the role and the company, but more importantly,
  • know yourself.”
  • “I’ve learnt that generally, people want to help you.”

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