"Meet as many people as you can, they might be possible employers"


We spoke with Donna, a skilled migrant working as a Psychologist for the last 13 years. 

So how did you start your career?  

I graduated in 2008. Fresh started!

How did you get a job? 

I initially worked as a research assistant as I was finishing my thesis. Then I got a job as a school psychologist, I also travelled once a week to Devonport.  

What is the job trends in health services? 

With the increased focus on mental health at the moment, that could help you get a job at the moment. There may be more organisations adding counsellors to their work place so that may become easier. 

How can migrants compete for health jobs?  

Find a niche. Look for areas that there’s a lot of need, but not a lot of competition such as a regional position.

Another way is making sure that you’re connected to networks are going to as many professional development events as possible so that you can meet other people who could be possible employers.

That’s a good way of making sure that you kind of keep your name out there. People like to get to know other people who might come in handy. 

Photo credit: Alex Green from Pexels

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